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Gordon Avon
2004-04-12, 15:23
I am using the Fishbone skin. I have a large image (Folder.jpg, which is
200x200) and a small one (AlbumArtSmall which is 75x75) in each album folder
on the server. This was the size that Windows Media Player required for each

Anyway reading a few threads it seems to be that the search order for
cover.jpg will use the albumartsmall image (ie the small image) and the
search order for thumb.jpg will pick up Folder,jpg (ie the big image) Not
suprisingly the thumbnail images look great being sized down from 200x200 to
100x100, but the large image on the right had side when selecting an album
and its songs looks dreadful as it is being sized up to 300x300. I realise I
will still get some distortion going from 200x200 to 300x300 but not as bad
as going from 75x75 to 300x300. I can see that I can force slimserver to use
albumartsmall for the thumbnail images although I will probably set this to
use folder.jpg which is bigger, but how can I force slimserver to use
Folder.jpg for Cover.jpg.

Hope I explained that OK. I have only just got this bit of kit and it looks