View Full Version : buffer status with dropouts on wired flac

Pat Farrell
2004-04-12, 12:03
I finally had time to do some problem isolation with my minor
dropout problem.

I'm running the main release 5.1.1 (not nightly) to my wired SqueezeBox
Everything i have is FLAC, so it is decompressed on the fly
with my Linux Fedora One, a wimpy 500 mHz P3.

In general, i have no dropout problems.
But whenever I'm doing a scan (either forced or timed).
I get lots. Most songs are unlistenable.

I changed the Sqbx display to show the buffer fullness, and
in all cases, when the buffer gets small, the dropout happen.
As long as the buffer is "sufficient" it works great.

During this, top showed 90% or more usage on the poor

So, wired Sqbx's get dropouts with Flac files.
It is clearly when the buffer drops too low.
It is probably too many processes competing for
the CPU.

Clearly, the scan is much less important (at least to me) than
the music streaming. I can't see exactly which process to "nice"
altho in concept, the scan could be marked for lower priority
to make music streaming better.

Just a data point