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2008-10-14, 16:05
I was wondering if there is a market for a "wired only" Squeezebox. I'll bet it would shave $50 off of a Squeezebox or Duet Receiver.


2008-10-14, 16:08
SlimDevices originally sold wired-only SB3's, and you're correct that they cost US $50 less.

However, I think the advantages of producing only one flavor of device for all users outweighed any other considerations, and they killed off the wired-only line.

Someone may be willing to sell you a used one though!

2008-10-14, 16:58
I'll bet the component cost for wireless is under $10. When features change for products like these, the retail prices change by however much the producer decides to change them. Usually not just a matter of cost.

And I agree, given the minor difference, the logistical burden of having a second flavor is likely not worth the trouble.

2008-10-14, 17:47

As a field sales rep for a global electronics distributor I can guarantee that the 802.11g implementation used in the Squeezebox costs greater than $10. Manufactures typically need to triple their cost to make a profit. Then there is the reseller markup of >30% to 40%. So even at a $10 cost it would increase the retail by $50.


2008-10-14, 19:01
Hi Ron,

The more essential part of my comment was not my speculation about the component cost (which I hope was clearly enough labeled as such) but rather describing that ultimately prices are only indirectly influenced by part costs. For most products, prices are raised when they can be, are dropped when they need to be, and the pass-along of cost increases and decreases is not hard wired. Your margin numbers, by the way, are a bit too generous.

Talk about tight margin numbers, then there is the disti business! I've spent some time there too.

2008-10-14, 19:23
Define "good." I doubt it makes any sense for Slim Devices to make it, but two of my three Squeezeboxes are hooked up via Ethernet, so it'd be nice for me personally to have the option. (In fact, the SB1 actually is wired-only, so.)

2008-10-14, 21:03
There were versions of the SB-G that were wired only - in designer colors no less. I've got a "Purple Haze" in my collection. I'm guessing there wasn't much market or acceptable business costs to maintain that complexity of a product line.

I'll just be content in thinking I have a collector's item with enormous value.

2008-10-14, 21:22
In fact, the SB1 actually is wired-only, so.
There was a model/SKU of the SB1 that was wired only. I have one.

But it didn't save all that much money at retail, and it does limit your options.

2008-10-14, 22:56
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> mkozlows;349803 Wrote:
>> In fact, the SB1 actually is wired-only, so.
> There was a model/SKU of the SB1 that was wired only. I have one.
> But it didn't save all that much money at retail, and it does limit
> your options.

The SliMP3 was wired-only.
After many requests in this very forum the SB1 came out with a wireless
The SB2 and SB3 also had wireless/wired and wired-only models until SD
decided to drop the wired-only model.
The TP, SBR and SBB were AFAIK only available as wireless/wired.

IMHO, for the small $50 premium it makes more sense to buy the
wired/wireless model anyway. You never know when you need wireless
anyway. Sales of the wired-only
were probably pretty limited anyway.


2008-10-15, 01:38
In the market SD/Logitech are pitching their players now, a wired only version doesn't make a lot of sense. It would cause additional confusion and it would be extremely difficult to get the additional retail shelf space for another variation. So it would be an online only product, limiting the appeal even more.

*everything* is going wireless these days, I really can't see a wired only version happening again.