View Full Version : Receiver keeps stopping in the middle of tracks

2008-10-14, 14:43

I'm running the current 7.2 released version of Squeezecenter on a QNAP with one receiver connected wirelessly.

It keeps stopping at random points in songs. The web interface still thinks the song is playing, and after a while the song restarts from the beginning.

The wireless access point is a 3com 7760 and the laptops and PDAs have no problems connecting and staying connected.

I've tried another receiver and it does exactly the same thing.

A wired receiver works flawlessly.

So it looks like the wireless side is the problem.

What should I do to find out where the problem is?

BTW, connecting this receiver with a wire is not an option!



2008-10-14, 14:49
It doesn't sound from your description like this is the issue (since it eventually restarts), but can you run a bandwidth test against that reciever, and see if you're having traffic/speed issues? What are you streaming, MP3, or FLAC? For FLAC to work reliably, you'll need a sustained 1000kbps transfer rate to the reciever, and for MP3, between 128-320kbps.

More info here: http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/Diagnosing_Performance_Issues

But again, I think if it was network performance, you'd see stuttering, not just stopping and eventually restarting.