View Full Version : Skipping/Dropouts on MP3

Scott Harris
2004-04-12, 08:42
Generally, my Squeezebox has been working extremely well and I am very
happy with it. I am running server 5.1.1 on Windows XP with the last
"released" firmware (ie. not the nightly builds). Everything works
great most of the time... All weekend I was able to listen to my music
for literally hours on end.

However, a couple of times, a particular song would start "skipping"...
there would be very short "clipping" almost like you were skipping
forward on a CD. When I hit the "BACK" button on the remote, the song
would start over playing at the beginning (as it should), and play
normally the second time... the problem would clear itself. No real
problem with wireless connection, etc. I suspect a firmware or server bug.

Has there been an issue reported like this before? It seems an easy
work-around, but I'm wondering if it's a known bug.


Scott Harris
scott (AT) scott-harris (DOT) org