View Full Version : Where's an over view of how the nokia 770 or ipeng work?

2008-10-14, 07:50

I think this is a case of "It's been around, so the basic stuff is lost
in the noise". (That, or I couldn't google earth if it was under my feet!)

Where can I find an overview of how the nokia 770 or ipeng SqueezeCenter
plugins work. This is, if that is what they are. This may be where I'm
off-the-path, but I was thinking these were simply PHP servers and that
the end users were simply browsing using a PHP enabled web browser on
these (above) appliances.

On the other hand (thinking I am wrong - 'cause I'm not finding
anything), these applications might be native to their hardware. They
might appear as ordinary clients to SqueezeCenter. (i.e. No
SqueezeCenter plugins required.)

So, which way is it?

....thanks for any help.

2008-10-14, 07:57
> Where can I find an overview of how the nokia 770 or ipeng SqueezeCenter
> plugins work.

They're skins. And you'll find some information in the wiki:



2008-10-14, 08:52
As Michael said, they are skins. As such, they are built for web browsers and are somewhat portable to any platform that supports a modern browser.

When I wrote the Nokia skin, it was somewhat innovative for its heavy use of AJAX to dynamically refresh elements of the page (asynchronous javascript + heavy use of CSS for style and positioning of objects). It uses the existing skin framework (utilizing Perl's Template Toolkit), plus the 3rd party javascript library Prototype.js to assist in this effort.

There's a nice little trick to get some insight on how I grab data for updating pages on the Nokia/Touch skins. Open a browser to the web interface for the Nokia skin and go to the "Now Playing" screen for any player. Then go to the location bar of the browser and add this to the URL: &ajaxRequest=1
This is the data I request in the background with AJAX, which I parse and update the screen accordingly. At its heart, it's pretty simple.

That was two years ago, and things have evolved a bit since then. Michael has written a new from-the-ground-up default skin for the web interface that uses Yahoo's ext.js to do even more involved javascript calls to the server.

iPeng, written by community developer Pippin, I don't know much about because I'm iLess, but it's a similar deal: a skin, but a highly evolved skin.


2008-10-23, 18:55
I notice that there are linux builds for SqueezePlay. It might be interesting to try shoehorning that into mameo...