View Full Version : SB2/3/Transporter will now display time when disconnected from the server?

Mark Lanctot
2008-10-14, 06:24


It was changed to "RESOLVED/FIXED" yesterday!

I've got to try it out...seems like a pretty fundamental change to me. This may make a lot of people happy but others may want the screen to go dark if they turn their server off (but I see that the request states to use the "off" brightness, so just set off brightness to 0 to have a dark screen).

2008-10-14, 06:29
No, the bug was marked fixed in error.

Mark Lanctot
2008-10-14, 06:32
Oh - that makes sense. Seemed to be a pretty fundamental change in behaviour that kind of slipped in there without any discussion or testing...

2008-10-17, 20:11
No, the bug was marked fixed in error.

Dang. Still would like that one fixed. :)