View Full Version : Questions and hints to crossfade function in SC 7.2

2008-10-14, 00:16
Hi everybody,
forums like this here have a high addiction potential: Once the current question is settled, the next one arises immediately ;-)

I use SC 7.2 with its fading functionality. There are four settings: Crossfade, Fade in, Fade out, Fade in and out.

To have a continuous playback on my Squeezebox Classic (I LOVE IT !!) I have to select Crossfade. What are the deeper reasons to have something like Fade in or out or in/out? I always have a gap between the songs. Or am I wrong?

What I miss is a Winamp-like fading functionality that starts the next song WITHOUT fading in <Crossfade duration> seconds before the current song ends. To do so I tell Winamp to fade out 8000ms on end of song, but disable fading on start of song. This fading technique radio stations often use, and I share this vision. Is this currently possible? Otherwise I would suggest this functionality for one of the next firmware releases.


2008-10-15, 00:32

I agree that there needs to be a crossfading option to start new songs at 100% volume, just as good OLD Winamp (and, like, every radio station in the world) does ;)

There is a bug report here (http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1403) that addresses this issue. Cast your vote and someday our wishes may become reality.


2008-10-15, 12:54
I think the radio stations did it where the next song just started before the first one ended. Thinking back on when I used to listen to radio a lot, the fadeout would just be the fadeout of the song itself as it was on the record and the next song would be started prior to the first song completing.

I used to find this really annoying because I was used to listening to a song to it's end. Some stations didn't do this and I found it refreshing.