View Full Version : Why does my Boom buffer this icecast station for so long?

2008-10-13, 23:43
In my playlist directory I have the a pls file with the contents:

Title1=KSL Radio 1160

On my Boom, when I access that playlist, it buffers for 60+ seconds with the buffer percentage slowly climbing. It is agonizingly slow, I have a 12Mb DSL connection. When I access other internet Radio stations (via RadioIO) they start almost instantly. Why does my Boom buffer for so long?

2008-10-14, 05:00
Have you tried to play the same station on your PC?
If it also buffers for an extended time on the PC then the problem is not the boom.

The problem could be limited bandwidth at the radio station's end, too many simultaneous users, network problems somewhere between your and the server's location, etc, etc.


2008-10-14, 10:47
I've tried playing a certain IceCast stream, too, and it takes about 10 seconds to buffer up, whereas on Winamp, it plays straight away.

2008-10-14, 10:50
OK, the reason it takes so longer to buffer is because the station is sending an incorrect bitrate header:


This should be:


We calculate buffering time based on the bitrate of the stream. I'll see about adding some way to detect this case.