View Full Version : MusicIP and SBC playlist problem

2008-10-13, 17:12
I am running SC 7.2
Music IP v1.8b headless (as per spicefly instructions)
SC plugins configured for MusicIP integration
Windows XP
SBC and receiver are connected to my Linksys wireless router.

I am really enjoying the MusicIP integration. The mixes it generates is leading me to rediscover much of my music collection that I would not have played otherwise.

I have a strange issue with some playlists that are generated. When the second to last song in the playlist is over (song 11/12), the last song is not played. When I look at the SBC screen, it shows there is ~ 60 minutes left in the 11th song, but there is no music playing. If I skip to the next song (12th), a song in the playlist will play but not the last one remaining. This also causes the now playing screen status (from the home menu) and the now playing status on the playlist screen (treble clef) to be out of sync in that they indicate different songs are playing. The now playing screen is the correct one of the two.

This does not happen everytime, but I would say ~80-90% of the time.

Any suggestions?