View Full Version : New Boom observervations ... ALL GOOD!!

2008-10-13, 14:32

I don't normally contribute but finally scratched the itch and purchased a Boom this weekend (partly driven by a slightly mad craving due to unavailability in UK ... suddenly even PC Worlds have them in stock)

Anyway first impressions:-

Excellent build quality ... really is impressive and fit'n'finish is top class

Perceived value is high ... nice packaging and the Boom is suprisingly small and really heavy. All very nice

Ease of use :- It took only a few minutes to set up (admitedly I already have an SB3) .. all without reference to the manual (Will read it one day :-))

And the sound... Stunning. honestly I was bowled over. I'm not sure what I expected but it was full, deep and no lack of available volume, and all with exceptional quality. I currently run my SB3 through a fairly decent stereo ( Tact / Martin Logans ) but I am really impressed with this Boom. I have been listening all day and am still very impressed.

All in all excellent work guys, and I've aleady recommended it to anybody who will listen to me.


2008-10-13, 14:38
Thanks for the feedback!
I recommend it to everybody that will listen to me too :-)


2008-10-13, 16:55
People call me the Squeezebox sales guy sometimes.. "Oh, you want to play music? You should get a squeezebox"

I tried (even brought my boom over to his house) to sell a friend on a boom.. but he ended up with a crappy bose iPod dock. It's not nearly as good, bass response is non-existent, which seems to make the sound carry down the hall better, you don't notice how much it sucks not being in the same room.