View Full Version : Combine Rhapsody "My library" with local library?

2008-10-13, 14:20
I've searched hard for an answar to this, but have still not found anything about this. Please bear over me if this is a trivial question!

I subscribe to Rhapsody, and therefore have a "library" of selected artists there. In addition I have a local library of my own ripped CDs.

What I wish(ed) is to be able to browse a list of artists/albums/... that combine both my local and my Rhapsody library, and also if I choose "Song mix" it would play a mix of songs regardless if they are in my local library or at Rhapsody. In essence - one combined library!

Is this possible?

2008-10-14, 14:40
You used to be able to combine your local library with your Rhapsody one in previous versions of SC a few years back, but no more. One option is to employ the Rhapsody client on your PC to combine the two libraries and use the "Wave Input" plugin to redirect the sound to your squeeze devices.