View Full Version : Slimserver on WHS buffering

2008-10-13, 13:52
I have Slimserver running on Windows Home Server on a Tranquil PC with 1GB ram and 1.6gz processor. My squeezebox 3 is wirelessly connected to this via network. Now a strange thing happens: When my main computer is busy for example when ripping a CD, then my squeezebox buffers and buffers. I dont understand it as my WHS is not doing any more work so why should another computer on the network drag down my Flac streaming performance?


2008-10-13, 18:55
You say the other computer is ripping a CD... is it ripping directly to the WHS? If so, then it could trigger the server to start balancing or migrating data across the drives.

If the main computer is also using wireless, it may be eating up your bandwidth.

2008-10-14, 06:29
No, I am not ripping to the WHS , nothing at all is happening to the WHS at this point. What seems to be happening is if my Main computers memory is eaten up then my Squeezebox network bandwidth gets eaten up.