View Full Version : connect Sky HD box to my transporter to use as an external DAC

2008-10-13, 09:30
Hope this doesn’t sound too silly but can someone tell how to correctly connect my Sky HD box via its optical/coaxial out to the transporter to use as an external DAC for the Sky box?
This is just a way to get better sound from the sky box through my front two stereo speakers which are of reasonably high quality. I made the right connections, I thought , using the RCA Coax S/PDIF input on the Transporter (must point out the new Sky HD boxes now have optical and coaxial) from the Sky out and I got a lot of interference noise, I was concerned it may damage the Transporters DAC.
later checking the settings menu on the HD box there is a setting for optical/coaxial out, there you can change it from Dolby Digital out to Normal I tried to connect with the Dolby setting so will it work if I set it to normal or do I risk damage to the Transporters DAC?

Mark Lanctot
2008-10-16, 07:28
Set it to normal (PCM) - the Transporter DAC can't decode Dolby Digital.