View Full Version : Gap Between Tracks With Synchronized Players

2008-10-13, 01:11
Whenever I run my two Squeezebox Classics "synchronized" I've noticed that large gaps appear between the tracks.
When a track ends, it stops at the end for a moment before playing the next.
Last night I noticed that the Squeezebox Classic mentioned something about buffering on screen while this gap was happening.
Is this normal behaviour?
I'm running Slim Server 7.2 on a ReadyNAS Duo with 1GB RAM.
One SqueezeBox Classic is connected via ethernet to my D-Link DIR-655 Router, and the other is connected via a WPA2 WiFi Connection.

2008-10-13, 01:46
Looking at the players now, it seems the buffering message doesn't actually come up; the Squeezebox screen just shows the title of the song it's about to play, with no time elapsing. It can remain in this state for 5 seconds before the music starts.

2008-10-13, 05:09
Gapless playback of sync'd players is *not* supported on slimserver/SqueezeCenter up to and including 7.2. But the gaps are usually small, certainly not as big as you describe. Your ReadyNAS is on the low end of the hardware spec, and might be struggling with the transitions to new tracks. You could try tweaking the sync settings under Settings > Player > Synchronize.

SC 7.3 (currently in beta) introduces gapless sync'd playback, so you might want to give it a try. I am just starting to use 7.3, so I can't say how stable it is. It does involve some major changes to the database schema as well as the streaming code.

2008-10-13, 16:19
I thought maybe the low specs of the ReadyNAS could be the cause, but it's good to know that things may get better in 7.3
Thanks for the quick response!