View Full Version : Can't get Squeezebox Receiver to connect to server

2008-10-12, 19:44
I have a Squeezebox 3 that works perfectly well with my Squeezecenter server, and today I tried to set up a new Duet system. The controller attached to my wireless network with no problem. It appears that the controller set up the wireless connection on the receiver properly, because the light on that is blue. The problem comes after I select the receiver. In the next step, the controller looks for sources, and shows me my server and SqueezeNetwork. I pick my server, and the controller display spins for a while, then says "Couldn't connect your Squeezebox to your wireless network. Make sure it is within range of our wireless network. (Lost Squeezebox)."

This message seems to be in error, because the blue light means the Squeezebox is connected. I can ping it, too, and the receiver's light did not change color during the process.

At this point, I'm stuck. I'm not sure what to do. Any suggestions?

2008-10-13, 13:34
A blue light on Squeezebox Receiver means that it's not connected to a music source.

You should contact support for further assistance, they will be happy to help with your problem: