View Full Version : Squeezebox remote to change the channel on DVB-S satellite radio card?

2008-10-12, 05:49
Does anyone have suggestions as to how I might arrange to have the Squeezebox remote change the channel on my DVB-S satellite radio card?
Current setup:
Iíve a Technisat SkyStar 2 PCI card with DVBviewer that sits in the PC running WHS and SqueezeCenter 7.2.
Selecting the WaveInput plugin via a favourite, I can listen to the satellite radio stations on the Squeezebox. This works well and has been a solid setup for some months now. The problem comes when I want to select a different radio station from the DVBviewer favourites list.
Right now Iím using the embarrassingly clunky method of the Technisat remote, an IR extender (Powermid XL) and WinLIRC. It works, more or less, but only from one Squeezebox location.
There must be a better way. Iím guessing that the IR codes that SqueezeCenter receives could be routed somehow to WinLIRC or directly to DVBviewer Ė but how?