View Full Version : Bug? AES/EBU volume stops at -49.5dB.

2008-10-12, 03:21
So far I have used BAL analog outputs on Transporter to feed my Behringer DCX2496 bass equalizer, and phono SE analog out to my main speaker amp. In an attempt to shorten the signal path in the bass by using AES/EBU digital variable output I discovered this: The AES/EBU output seemingly has two settings: Volume off and -49.5dB, while the analog volume behaves normal. Have I discovered a bug in SC 7.2?
I have tried a Factory Reset of the Transporter, but that didn't help.

SqueezeCenter Version: 7.2 - 22900 @ Tue Aug 26 11:27:23 PDT 2008 - Windows XP - EN - cp1252
Transporter Firmware: 62