View Full Version : SLIMP3 intermittent volume problem

2008-10-11, 23:10
Hey I just purchased a slimp3 off ebay about a week ago. I flashed it to the 2.3 firmware (originally 2.0) and installed slimcenter 7.2 on a linux server. All is well in that I can listen to music from my collection, internet radio, or music service (which is really awesome). But it will frequently all the sudden increase in volume during the middle of a song and the quality of the music becomes scratchy. If I push a volume button (+ or -) it goes back to normal for awhile and does it again after some random length of time. I have looked around (messed with) the setting on the player and on slimcenter and haven't found a solution yet. Has anybody ever had this happen to them? If so how do you fix it?

2008-10-13, 08:37
Ok, messing around this weekend I believe I may have found the cause. If I move the power supply cord the volume increases and the audio becomes scratchy, sometimes the audio drops completely, but the player continues to function ie I can browse my music, internet music and music services or news feeds. If I press one of the volume buttons (+ or -) the volume and audio goes back to normal briefly. I bought the player off of ebay from the UK so I had to replace the power supply so I could use it in the US. I bought a Walmart special power supply that had the same voltage and amperage. Has anybody else had similiar problems or know how to fix it? Please help!

2008-10-13, 20:48
I checked the power supply that I bought with volt meter today and got the correct voltage (constant 4.5v), so I think it must be the connector on the player. Has anybody had problems with connector on the player before? I have seen that people upgrade their power supplies, I was wondering why, and does it make any difference difference to the audio?

2008-10-13, 22:24
The power supply voltage is extremely critical for SliMP3. It must measure 5.0V, +/- 0.050. Amperage must be rated for a minimum of 1A.

Note that switching power supplies must be measured with a load attached.

2008-10-14, 10:03
Wow, thanks Sean I didn't expect meet a founder of the company; I am impressed. Could you recommend where to purchase a 5v power supply? I wasn't able to find one locally in town. I found some on ebay (from hong kong) but I would rather buy from a store so that I could return it for any reason.
Thanks again