View Full Version : Enhancement? Help Find Lost Controller

2008-10-11, 18:04
After having "lost" my controller for two days (don't ask!), I had an idea for a possible enhancement: Since, unlike all of my remotes, the SBC has two way communication with a computer and it has a speaker, why not add functionality to Squeezecenter to "find" a misplaced controller? You would click on a button or menu item in Squeezecenter and it would send out a command to have the controller slowly chirp. Kind of like the "find handset" functionality you see on a lot of cordless phones. I would imagine the programming would be relatively simple. Of course, if I'd just clean house a little more often... :-)

2008-10-11, 19:31
I think it's a good idea. You should request it at http://bugs.slimdevices.com (but search first to make sure it's not already been requested).