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2008-10-11, 03:18
Hello there,

I have an issue with the Boom's auto dimming feature.
When there is enough light in the bedroom, no problem.
But during the night, the automatic dimming is turning crazy ! It goes "up and down", dim and bright, continuously !

PS : maybe it is linked : I use the essential MusicInfoSCR plugin.

2008-10-11, 07:27
Hi powaq

What firmware version is your SBB currently using? I guess fw 32.

The upcoming SC 7.2.1 will contain new SBB fw 33 which contains some improvements regarding automatic dimming.

In the mean time does it help if you position your SBB differently? Also make sure there isn't anything to close up to the display which might reflect back to the light sensor.


2008-10-11, 07:54
Yes, the SBB firmware is #32.

The SBB is placed on a white gloss painted buffet. May be it is too reflecting , even during the night ? I'll try on another surface and I'll let you know.

It's ok : I'll wait for the new firmware. Till then, the automatic dimming is disabled :-(

2008-10-11, 09:33
I see this too. The boom sits on a non-reflecting wooden surface.

Maybe it's obvious that a reflective surface would cause oscillation, but I just can't get my head around since Boom is dimming _up_ when more light comes in?

So boom dims up > more light is reflected back > boom dims further up - not down surely?

Or the other way:

Boom dims down > less light is reflected back > boom dims further down.

I just don't get it :)

2008-10-11, 11:01
You could download the 7.2.1 nightly if it's a problem. It's entirely stable and will probably sort out your problem.

Otherwise wait for the full release of 7.2.1, which looks as though it'll probably be along in the next few days (or so, might be longer).


2008-10-13, 06:37
I lost my Squeezecentre overnight and discovered that the auto-dimming feature did not work the SBB stayed at a high brightness. Is this by design? Is the auto-dimming feature not a feature of the SBB firmware?


2008-10-15, 18:15
I downloaded last night's version and just want to confirm the dimming is now what it should be.

Mine wasn't cycling - it just woudln't dim. No reflection issue (from the surface it was on, or next too)...just think the sensor was picking up the display's own considerable light, from when the lights were on.

2008-10-16, 01:06
I may have found the cause of the dimming issue.
For your info, auto-dimming is disabled when music is played.
SC 7.2, MusicInfoSCR (time displayed after 2 seconds, whatever the state of the SBB)

When my SqueezeCenter is ON, there is no problem.
But after the SC(and all my computer) automatically shuts down at midnight, there goes the auto-dimming issue.

Maybe it is because the SBB tries to reconnect again and again ?

try to connect to a SC : brightness high
fails to connect => screensaver : auto-dimming
try to connect to a SC : brightness high

2008-10-16, 04:08
Hi there

Thanks for all the feedback. I think I found an issue in Boom's firmware today which could cause the brightness settings getting lost if Boom gets disconnected from SC (or wireless access point).

The firmware fix is scheduled for SC 7.3.

Thank you for your patience.