View Full Version : SB3 Bridged doesn't work

2008-10-11, 03:05

I have just connected my SB3 to my Samsung BD-1400 Bluray.
But it doesn't get connected to the internet. I have restartet the SB3 many times with no luck. Under current settings it say no to wireless bridged, and I can't change it to yes.
The cable works - I've tried connecting two computers.

Any ideas?

2008-10-11, 04:10
You need to connect an active Ethernet device to the SB3 and hold the left arrow to get to setup mode to enable bridging. It's more likely that a laptop will reliably try to maintain an Ethernet link than your DRM-laden video device. Once you've set up bridging once, you can connect whatever you want, even update the SB3 firmware and the bridging setting will stick.

2008-10-11, 05:24
Thanks. That did it :-)