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2008-10-10, 14:28
I find that the download speed of software upgrades from this site is very slow - both the current SLimserver as well as nightlies.
I live in South Africa and our intrenet speeds are not as fast as many countries but 12-13KB/sec is painfully slow. I can easily get up to 10X faster speeds at other sites and I do not think it is a network/firewall etc problem..
Is this a problem that others have found?


2008-10-10, 15:15
Well I've just downloaded the latest 7.3 nightly for Windows at between 590KB/sec and 660KB/sec (http://downloads.slimdevices.com/nightly/latest/7.3/SqueezeCenter-7.3-23501.exe).

It probably depends on your ISPs routing and other weird variables that very few understand about the internet :)

For reference, I'm in the UK so not exactly close to the SlimDevices servers in California. I am using Opera 9.60 though, I get much faster downloads from it than I ever got using any version of IE.

2008-10-10, 15:29
Thanks - I suspected that it may be a local problem

2008-10-10, 15:52
Going by a couple of interesting diagrams I've found, I think pretty much all of Africa's bandwidth if routed through Europe before hitting the US.

This map shows the the data cable from SA going all up the west coast to England.


This one shows the bandwidth between geographic areas

It looks like the curve from SA heads through the thick yellow area from the US to Europe and hits the UK.

This is probably why you are seeing slow transfers from the US. Downloading from a UK source would probably be faster for you, but SlimDevices don't have mirrors for their download server unfortunately.

2008-10-10, 23:39
Thanks for the interesting diagrams - explains a lot.... ;-)