View Full Version : Double scrobbling with synced players?

2008-10-10, 07:57
Has anyone noticed their last.fm accounts registering multiple scrobbles for a single play when playing through synced players, both/all of which are set to scrobble? A couple nights ago, I played an album through a SoftSqueeze instance, which I didn't realize was synced with my living room SB3. Since the amp wasn't on, I couldn't hear it, so I made it through the whole album. When I looked at my last.fm account, I noticed that each track got scrobbled twice with the same timestamp. (I since have removed those plays - it was an album I hadn't listened to before, so I just removed iit from my profile to avoid unduely influencing my recommendations)

Is this expected behavior? I know there have been discussions about whether your internet radio plays do/don't get scrobbled (they do, but I think the consensus is that they shouldn't, and it's an issue with last.fm not paying attention to a sort of "don't scrobble" flag set on the internet radio plays).

I'm guessing it's the players that both think "I should scrobble this," so somehow, to fix this, synced players would have to realize both are set to scrobble, negotiate who actually gets to do it, and then realize when unsynced, so whoever stopped scrobbling can start again. This is why I don't write code.

2008-10-10, 08:14
The scrobble code only listens to the sync master when synced, so this shouldn't happen.

2008-10-10, 08:41
Hmm. Maybe I'm just crazy - let me verify again tonight, and we'll see if I'm as big an idiot as it sounds.

2008-10-10, 09:23
I've noticed that a handful of days of listening seem to have generated an excessive number of plays in my last.fm data. I don't normally sync players, but now that you mention it - I'm guessing that my players were synced during the time that extra data was collected.

I would go back and try to reproduce it - but I'd rather not distort the data even further.