View Full Version : Duet with Rhapsody

2008-10-09, 13:35
Signed up for the free 30-day trial to Rhapsody Unlimited after getting my squeezebox duet up and running. I have been very happy with everything. I can add albums/tracks to my library through the duet controller. However, when I go into the rhapsody software on my PC to view my library or create playlists it says that I only have the '25 free plays' plan, not my unlimited trial...further, no music shows up in 'my library' in the rhapsody software. Seems like something is not in synch with my rhapsody subscription. Called Rhapsody and got no help other than saying that there may be a lag between when I sign up and what I can see in rhapsody software. This is all well and good except I can't create/save playlists within rhapsody with my squeezebox duet. Anyone else running into this issue?

2008-10-09, 13:57
The 30-day trial is linked to your SqueezeNetwork account and cannot be accessed using the Rhapsody software. To access the library in both places requires a paid Rhapsody account.

2008-10-09, 14:02
Thanks andyg. I will hold off on playlists until I start paying Rhapsody.