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2008-10-09, 10:28
First off, I love my SB. Very impressed with all aspects of it. I find myself trying to get my friends to buy one too.

I can think of a few minor improvements, if I really think about it:

1. SqueezeCenter v. SqueezeNetwork
I think this has been touched on before, but it can get a bit confusing.
(a) A favorite stored in SC is not available if you are using SN.
(b) You can actually see two different clocks (times) depending on what you're logged into. SC takes the time from your music server (computer), whereas I assume SN takes the time from elsewhere. (My music server had a different time zone by mistake, and whenever I was in SN the time was Eastern, but when I used SC the time was Pacific.)

Would be cool if the installation of SqueezeCenter simply added another menu item to the SB, i.e. Music Library (Local), or something instead of having two separate SB "modes".

2. Finish on the Remote Control (Underneath)
The button layout is great, but there's shiny black platic on the bottom of the remote. This gets scratched up pretty easily.
Would be great if the more flat, "stealth" black on the top of the remote was also used on the bottom.
Actually, might be cool to use that same flat black on the entire Squeezebox - not sure if it would make it look cheap though, but it sure would eliminate fingerprints.

3. Display in Bright Situations
This one isn't really fair, since I realize the SB isn't designed for outdoor use. However, like some other posters, I find it perfect for the patio.
Under these conditions it can be very difficult to read the dispay.
Again, this isn't a core function of the SB, and I realize that direct sunlight is a killer for all display types aside from liquid crystal.

Great product though - these are really minor things. :)

2008-10-09, 10:32
First off, I love my SB.
Welcome to the forums.

Just to let you know, the SqueezeBox Boom is refert to as just the Boom or the SBB usually :)

The SB was the original SqueezeBox, replaced by the SB2 then the SB3, now called the SqueezeBox Classic.


2008-10-09, 12:12
Thanks for the welcome.

Yes, that's a newb error. I'm referring to the Squeezebox Boom (SBB).