View Full Version : Creating playlist via the internet?

2008-10-09, 01:44
I am planning to invest in a Asus eeeBox to use with my SB Classic. The plan is to have the Asus (with no monitor connected) placed next to the SB (and connected to the SB3 with LAN). The Asus is connected to the internet with WLAN! My question is whether it is possible to create playlist using another pc (than the Asus) via the internet? Offcource the Asus (and hdd with the music) most be powed up!

2008-10-09, 02:49
You can create a playlist with anything that has a web browser that can connect to the same network that the SB/Squeezecenter is running on.

So if you're at home and want to create a playlist on the SB/Asus running Squeezecenter with another computer on the same home network, you navigate to http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:9000 where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is the IP address of the Asus. Select the SB as the player, create a playlist and hit play.

Things are a bit more complicated if you want to access the SB from outside your home network (called remote connection) but it can still be done. Have a look in the wiki for remote connection but please note the security warnings about opening up your Squeezecenter to the outside world.