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2008-10-08, 13:40
I am looking at the squeezebox products and I am definitely thinking to buy one. The last doubt I have is whether it is possible to stream the audio out of a macbook (therefore running mac os x) to a squeezebox.

I would like to use the squeezebox not only as music player, but also as usual speakers for my laptop, allowing me to have a proper sound system without having to be sitting at my desk, where the speakers cable is.
Is this possible?
I think the waveinput plugin could be the solution, but it appears it is not available for mac. Any other suggestion?
Will I regret my purchase? :-)

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2008-10-09, 14:38
If you buy the Squeezebox Boom you can use the Mini in to connect your Mac and use it as a laptop speaker.


2008-10-09, 16:28
Hi Mike,
thanks for the answer, but it seems it goes back to using a cable, or did I get your answer wrong?
WHat I wish to do is to use the squeezebox as a wireless speaker, instead. Would that be possible?


2008-10-10, 09:01
I'm not sure you understand how a Squeezebox (SB) works. A typical set up is:
1. computer running SqueezeCenter (SC) server software (eg, your Mac) =>
2. SB over wired or wireless network =>
3. amplifier (using RCA or digital cable) =>
4. speakers

Or if your speakers are active (ie, self-powered) speakers you would substitute that for (3) and (4). And if the SB is a Boom, which has its own speakers, you just need (1) and (2) and it's done.

Note that in all these cases the SB is playing music streamed either by the SC software on your computer, or internet services (Rhapsody, Pandora, internet radio, etc.) directly from your router. You might want to take a look at the wiki Beginner's Guide (http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/BeginnersGuide) for more info.

2008-10-10, 09:25
Aubuti, thanks for your reply.

I think I did understand correctly how the system works (I did quite some research before consulting you guys here :-)), but still could not get answer to my question.

While I do completely understand the idea of the squeezebox streaming music either from my library (on my pc/mac) or from internet streams (radios or whatever), I would like to do even more.

Let me give you an example. Say that I am watching a video on youtube. It will play on my laptop, which I have connected through wifi to the internet, running on batteries. Now, the last bit I need for my happiness is to also have a good sound system, instead of the laptop internal speakers, but still without being connected with any cable.
For this to happen I would need to stream the audio of the youtube video (which would normally go from the youtube video to the laptop internal speakers) to the squeezecenter and from there to the squeezebox (any model, really, that is a detail). I understand this is possible in windows with the waveinput plugin, but could not find any solution for a mac.

I hope my question is more clear now.

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2008-10-10, 09:30
There are several programs that will stream soundcard output to an mp3 stream. I think you can do it with Shoutcast. See this thread: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=3725

2008-10-10, 09:31
Oh, note that you won't get real-time output, so you couldn't watch Youtube and listen through the Squeezebox, for example.

2008-10-10, 09:47
Oh, thanks!
This is exactly th ekind of information I was looking for!
It's a shame it cannot really be done (the video use was my main objective)...
OK, thanks for the info, you got my point!