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2008-10-08, 12:33
I am interested to know if I can adjust the default behaviour of my menus on my SBC.

There are many times when I am building a playlist that I like to browse by artist and see all the songs by the artist in a single list. In order to do that on my SBC I need to access Library > Artist > All Songs.

The "All Songs" option always appears at the end of the album list I get after selecting "Artist" which means I have to scroll through the albums to access the "All Songs" option.

I would like to be able to see all songs by default after selecting "Artist". If this is not possible moving the "All Songs" option to the top of the menu after choosing "Artist" would be an improvement.

2008-10-08, 13:26
Did you know you can scroll backwards?

2008-10-08, 18:04
Yes, I did realize that and it is what I do.