View Full Version : Duet Controller & Music IP

2008-10-08, 03:35
I've been using the Squeezebox Duet with Music IP flawlessly for several months now until today I found that pressing the "select" button of the Duet controller for a couple of seconds on a library track no longer creates as Music IP mix.

If I go into the track options and select "Create Music IP mix", this works perfectly, but previously I could do the same just by pressing the select key for a few seconds on the track without having to enter the track menu.

Does anyone please have any idea what can be causing this problem ?


2008-10-08, 05:14
I use "press and hold play" on the SBC rather than the select button (select being the central button the way I see it) - or is this what you mean?

One possibility is that you've installed a plugin (on the SBC or more likely in Squeezecenter) that has taken over the press/hold functionality - Lazysearch used to do this (but this was resolved a while back I believe).

2008-10-08, 07:36
Thankyou for the post Siduhe. You're right.

It's a while since I last used the Duet with Music IP and I was trying to use the select button instead of the Play button to instigate a mix. Pressing the play button works perfectly.

Thanks again.