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2008-10-07, 13:16
Hello All ,
Im new to this forum and I have just had my Duet for 1 Week. But I ran across a Problem and decided to do something about it. Im a Zune owner and wanted something to convert my ZPL (Zune Playlists) into a compatable format for the Squeezebox. So i wrote this small app that will search your WPL or ZPL folder and convert the playlists (WPL or ZPL) into Squeezebox compatible m3u playlists and put them into another specified folder that Squeezecenter is monitoring for playlists.

There is a ini in the config folder in the speeks_config folder of your apps location
(ex. C:\Program Files\SpeekLister\speeks_config\speeks_playlister. ini)
that lets you specify folder locations and actions.

-------------------------------- EXAMPLE INI ---------------------
Existing_Folder = C:\Users\SpeekEazy\Desktop\PlaylistsZPL
New_Folder = C:\Users\SpeekEazy\Desktop\PlaylistsM3U


minimizetotrayonload = 0
startonload = 0
closewhendone = 0

Existing_Folder : Current Folder that holds WPL and ZPL files
New_Folder : Folder that Squeezecenter is looking for playlists

[Playlists] : Do Not Touch ( This is where the scanned playlist names and last updated date is stored ) This will make it so only changed playlists are created.

minimizetotrayonload : 0 or 1 Depending if you want it to minimize to tray when loaded.

startonload : 0 or 1 Depending if you want it to start processing when loaded.

closewhendone : 0 or 1 Depending if you want it to close when finished processing.

What i did was schedule this up as a scheduled task in windows to run daily and i had 1s for all the action parameters. this made it so everyday it starts minimized,processes changed playlists, and closes when done.

You can access the application from here
SpeekLister v1.0.0 : http://www.mediafire.com/?ntmj2iw2jdn

I hope that some of you have a use for this as i have.

PS. WPL Autoplaylists do not convert . But regular WPL playlists and All types of ZPL playlists convert fine.