View Full Version : Slimserver perl maxes out cpu in OS X

Fred von Lohmann
2004-04-10, 12:12
I've got a G3/500 iMac running OS 10.2 and Slimserver 5.1.1. I notice
that perl frequently chews up 80%+ of my CPU (so says Process Viewer
and top), which often results in the Squeezebox losing its connection
to the Slimserver, as well as choking other apps on the iMac. This
happens whether or not my Squeezebox is actually playing anything.

From former posts, I understand this may be due to Slimserver updating
playlists from iTunes. I suspect that's what is going on for me, since
I have an iTunes library of over 13,000 tracks and several large Smart
Playlists that update frequently (when I rate new songs, for example).
I don't need all of these playlists to be available to the Squeezebox,
however. Is there any way to tell the Slimserver to update only a
subset of iTunes playlists to lower the perl cpu burden for updating
playlists? Anything else I can try?

PS I've already disabled "search for artwork" in the Slimserver
Performance prefs, as I understand that updating artwork is also a big
drag on cpu.

Fred von Lohmann