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2008-10-06, 08:04
Hello ,
I was wondering if it is possible to remote certain items from the duet menu. For example i want to keep the internet radio folder. but i want to remove the Sirius icon from the menu because i dont have sirius. is this possible ?

2008-10-06, 08:40
Settings > Home Menu.

2008-10-06, 08:51
Actually, for that particular customization the way to do it would be to disable the Sirius plugin (and anything else you don't want) via SqueezeCenter's settings, then restart SqueezeCenter. The internet radio and music services menus is driven by which applicable SC plugins are enabled.


2008-10-06, 09:27
*smacks forehead*

MeSue is quite right, on the controller you can go to Settings->Home Menu and remove Sirius from your Internet Radio menu. You'd think because I took great pains to do that little extra bit of programming to allow for that I would have remembered it. :)

The method I described in the last post should also work, but it's not necessary to go through that much work to get it done.

Sorry...it's Monday.