View Full Version : 7.3_23418 Can not install jive.bin

2008-10-05, 19:14
Any suggestions on how I can update the remote? Some background, I have probably updated this thing short of a billion times going back to when it was first released. 7.2 has been much more stable but it still gets confused from time to time. I have the player wired to my PC. The Duet seems to work fine but gets hosed over time when you switch back and forth between Squeezenetwork and the main music server (PC). Or if you are connected to the PC and then the next time you turn on the Duet the PC happens to be off - it gets confused. Not always, but enough to make this item high on my wife's list of hated gadgets (and I have to admit I am losing patience).

I installed the Windows version of 7.3_23418 squeeze center and the install went fine. With the remote, I chose to do the software update. It reported that a new update was available but it did not know the version. The update fails with 0% never being displayed.

I think fine - I will just copy the bin file on the SD card and rename as jive.bin and update that way. When I reboot the remote, it restarts as normal (never prompts me to immediately update like it used to) so I choose update from SD card under Settings/Advanced. 0% is shown but it never goes any further and quits.

Any suggestions????

2008-10-05, 19:45
Try the 7.2.1 file, http://update.slimdevices.com/update/firmware/7.2.1/
Copy the jive_7.2_r3070.bin file to the SD card (don't rename it) and update via the SD option on the controller.

2008-10-05, 21:36
Why not renaming it, the used to be the drill, to rename the file to jive.bin on the SD card. Worked right up to r2920 has something changed ?
with the 3070 ?

EDIT: update with file named jive.bin also worked ? maybe davidmac27 has a corrupted file ? download it again and rename it to jive( or not try both ways ) while still on the pc, and put it on the SD card, make sure it is on the "bootom level" not in any folder.

I wonder if this helps with the original problem i would contact support, how confused will it ever find the server again ?
If your not using wol the natural behavior when SC is not on is that you get the "cannot find music source message" but then it should be no problem to choose SN instead.