View Full Version : Boom blackout

2008-10-05, 13:02
Twice I've been listening to my boom (with the sleep timer on definitely once) and the whole unit has gone completely dark, even the power button.

The music has kept playing and stopped when I turned it off, but the display didn't go back to normal until I unplugged it.

Could this be a defective unit? If not is there someway to restore the brightness from the unit itself if this happens again?


2008-10-05, 14:01
I had this once today and it's normally a sign of a lost connection to the SC. It'll play as long as there's somehting in the buffers...I'm curious too if it happens again.

press&hold the power button reboots the boom without the need of unplugging it.

kind regards,

2008-10-05, 15:56
Thanks, I'll give it a try.