View Full Version : Cannot connect to new server

2008-10-05, 05:08
I've recently installed SqueezeCenter 7.2 on a different computer (a laptop) but the player cannot find it. It also cannot see the player. I tried entering the laptop IP address at the Other server option in Music source but to no avail. I can ping the player from the laptop. Any tips for troubleshooting a problem like this?

Phil Leigh
2008-10-05, 05:37
Is the laptop using DHCP or a static IP address?

2008-10-05, 06:58
It uses DHCP. The previous server was found on the basis of the computer name. The name of the laptop does not show up is the Music Source

Phil Leigh
2008-10-05, 08:13
Hmmm... is the laptop now getting the IP that used to be assigned to the old server?

You should try setting a static IP address for the laptop that is running SC. IMHO this is always a good idea. Then manually point your player atthat IP as its music source.