View Full Version : SC 7.2 problems with mms radio

2008-10-04, 07:35

First post.

Just got a Squeezebox Boom today.

Everything works fine, but not some of the radio stations I want to listen to.

For instance: mms://wm-live.sr.se/SR-P1-High
I also tried: http://wm-live.sr.se/SR-P1-High

When using Squeezenetwork they play fine, but then I can't access my own music, so I wuld really prefer to do everything via Squeezecenter...

Thanks in advance

2008-10-04, 10:31
What OS are you running? The first link you gave is to the webpage rather than to the actual audio stream. However, mms://wm-live.sr.se/SR-P1-High works fine for me in Squeezecenter.

There are a couple of OS specific bugs and issues that might be relevant, or you may need to install the AlienBBC plugin to get this working depending on your particular setup.

2008-10-04, 15:41
Aha, yes, sorry for not including that.

SC is being run on a NAS:

Hard-/Firmware : QNAP TurboStation TS-109 / 2.1.0 build 0904T
SqueezeCenter, Version : 7.2-22900

Yes, I am aware that the link was just plain html, it's the mms feeds I can't play...and they work fine if I hook up the Boom to the Squeezenetwork.

I shall try the AlienBBC plugin as "Sveriges Radio" is mention among those, so that might solve it, but "any RealAudio stream" so I guess that's more of a workaround rather than solving why it won't play mms feeds...

I shall report back.

2008-10-04, 16:16
It may be bug 9277 ( http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=9277 ) which was fixed in rev 23016. I think SN has the fix but your SC is only 22900.

IIRC The AlienBBC handling of SR is just parsing of SR web pages to get URLs - it still results in playing wma streams.

2008-10-05, 04:47
I installed the AlienBBC plugin but didn't manange to play anything (not even the BBC feeds).

By chance I tried the mms links again (for the 5:th time or so) - and they worked! Go figure...

Thanks for all the help.