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2008-10-04, 06:55
Hey People,

I had a question. It seems that the squeezecenter isnt handling the Japanese langauge very well. I was wondering if this can be changed or if i am overlooking something.

Since it does show the characters on the squeezebox itself i thought that there were no problems, BUT.. when i pick songs from the Squeezecenter all the songs that have japanese characters in them he doesnt show was the song name but as the album name. thereby making it impossible to play the songs from in order but he automaticly shuffels them, this wouldnt be a major issue if the songs i listen are would be all loose songs but i have am album that has 39 songs wich all link into eachother, and this makes it impossible.

Short question: Is there going too be support for the japanese language in SqueezeCenter?

Here is an example, you see that all the english named songs are normally written but the onces like DJ1F11~1 are songs with Japanese characters in it. With a name like DJ1F11~1 it doesnt match the other names and thereby dont follow the normal song order.

Is this fixable?