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2008-10-04, 02:09
I bought my squeezebox last night, brought it home, plugged it in, got it all hooked up - great.
This morning, I switch on my Mac so I can use the Squeezebox, am listening to the radio, the Mac (upstairs) goes to sleep and turns the squeezebox off. So I go into the Network Preferences on the Mac and make sure it doesn't go to sleep again but now the squeezebox won't connect to the squeezecenter. I completed a factory reset so I could start again, but now the squeezebox can't find the DCHP server (which it did the first time I plugged it in).

What's gone wrong and how can I fix it?

2008-10-04, 02:18
I'm using OSX 10.5.5 and the instructions in the manual to set the firewall preferences don't seem to follow what the Mac will let me do. I don't know how to allow the Squeezebox to access the Squeezecenter and why it won't find DHCP server (but it did last night).

Why can't these things be simple?

2008-10-04, 02:29
In fact, if I wanted to start again from the beginning? How would I uninstall EVERYTHING on my Mac so I could start again? I'm guessing there are files and stuff everywhere

2008-10-05, 01:55
any ideas? I've done a clean install and still nothing happening

2008-10-06, 07:47
I think that you have an address problem. Is you Mac working fine and reaching the internet? As far as know, the SB must have a fix address to turn to (i.e. the SC host address), and by rebooting your Mac it perhaps get a new address? If your SB does not get an address you have a really fundamental problem.

Tell us more about your network environment.


2008-10-06, 07:53
Hi Per,

I actually ended up rebooting the network (router first, then mac, the factory reset on the SB) and it all worked, which was great.

I had another couple of problems, one which caused the SB to stop when (I think) the external hard drive which isn't currently being used went to sleep (I have since disconnected this HDD and not had any further problems) and also with alienBBC - I have the mplayer and the plugins in place, but nothing seems to be happening. I'll check again later and see if I can get it to work.

2008-10-07, 15:50
I came home tonight, switched my computer on, switch the Squeezebox on and again, the Squeezebox wouldn't connect to the Squeezecenter (or Squeezenetwork). Same thing happened, wouldn't pick up an IP address, so I had to reboot the router - very annoying, especially as if BT wholesale see that there is lots of activity re the connection being interrupted because the router has been off/on/off/on/etc for example, they see it as a fault and cap my line speed (this is BTW, not my ISP) while they try and work it out and fix it.

How can I stop this happening in future? I don't want to keep my computer on 24/7, there's no need for it when the house is empty 10 hours of the day.

I am using OSX 10.5.5

2008-10-07, 21:48
I think perstromgren was right. It sounds like your Mac is not using the same address all the time, and it should. Either that or your firewall exceptions are getting lost. You'll need to call support for specific instructions--my Mac knowledge is terrible.

2008-10-08, 00:18
The DHCP server is usually in the router (or ISP) and the fact you can't connect to SqueezeNetwork which does not depend on the Mac - points to a BT router issue.

Is there security on the router which requires you to register the Mac address of the Sb with the router ? Could the SB have "connected" to a neighbour's Wireless network ?

I presume your Mac finds the DHCP server and connects to internet - if so then turn off Mac and concentrate on getting SB onto SqueezeNetwork probably with BT support.

If you have an SB2/3 You should check the SB's "current settings" by press and Holding left arrow on remote to get into "Setup" and scroll down to "current Settings".

2008-10-08, 00:48
The Mac connects to the internet everytime I switch it on and use it - generally have no problems with that, except very rarely with airport, but that's no biggie. I don't know a lot about this sort of thing, but it appears that the IP addresses go xxx.xxx.x.1 (Mac), xxx.xxx.x.2 (router) and the IP address picked up by the Squeezebox is xxx.xxx.x.3 - does that sound plausible? As a test, when I switched my computer off last night, I left the SB running connected to Squeezenetwork, playing live radio through a radiotime preset. I didn't have a chance to switch the computer on this morning and check the connection to Squeezecentre, but I noted that the connection to Squeezebox was still live and playing radio.
When the SB failed to connect to the Squeezecenter last night, it was trying to obtain an IP address, but didn't give me a countdown and then appeared to time out. Then it wouldn't connect to the squeezenetwork (but had minutes before, when I had tried to pair with SC) - I don't know whether this was because there had been a network interruption or something.

So yeah - it kinda works, and when it's running, it's great! It's just that I'd rather not have to reboot my router and set up the SB everytime I want to use it.

2008-10-08, 11:42
.... I use only DHCP letting the router hand out all of the IP address'.
My router isn't even capable of fixed/static IP's with it's factory firmware (not that I would know how to configure fixed/static IP's if it could).

I have six devices that get turned on and off (including two SB's) at different times including my server computer and I've never had a problem with my SB's finding the server after initial setup.
I can only assume the server was handed different IP's using DHCP.

I know when I use the remote UI control (laptop controls SC7 UI from server computer) I will often have to type in three different IP #'s to get the laptop communicating with the server computer's SC7.
ex: but the 101 could be 102 or 103 at times.

But no issues with the SB's finding the server. Or am I confusing server IP with remote UI IP?


2008-10-08, 15:25
I think, and I not 100%, that the problem occurs when I try and connect to SC before I've booted up my Mac. I'll try it again tomorrow (about to switch off now and head for bed) but all seemed alright this afternoon when I tried

2008-10-09, 14:40
You might want to contact support if you still aren't able to solve your problem. They will be best equipped to help you with you problem: