View Full Version : Can't play my music

2008-10-03, 09:25
I have a weird problem. I can't play my music. The weird thing is that I can play radio and I can see all my music in the squeezebox. I can even start a song with the remote and se that the song starts in squeezecenter (7.2) but nothing happends in the squeezebox. The time dont't even tick. Anybody knows what can be wrong? The box have worked before.

2008-10-03, 09:35
You don't say what OS are you are on - Windows/Mac/flavour of Linux?

Go to Settings/Status and look for a link to the server.log. Then try to play a song or two. Look at the server.log - has it produced any error messages?

If so, what do they say?

Also, are your local song files on the same hard disk as SC is installed on or are they on an external drive? Are you using iTunes or MIP integration? Do you have antivirus installed and, if so, can you play music if this antivirus is diabled?

2008-10-03, 22:59
I'm running windows. The logfile don't produce any errors.
The songs are on a internal drive (but not the same as squeezecenter).
I'm not using iTunes or MIP integration.
I have antivirus installed but it doesn't matter if I switch it of.

2008-10-04, 08:52
Have you done a full reset of the SB?


2008-10-04, 08:57
... and, what file type is you music held in?


2008-10-05, 06:23
I've done a reset and I'm playing mp3-files. I could play these songs a couple of days ago.

Phil Leigh
2008-10-05, 08:16
I've done a reset and I'm playing mp3-files. I could play these songs a couple of days ago.

So what exactly has changed since then? have you installed any software or changed any settings?. This still sounds like an anti-virus problem to me at the moment...

2008-10-05, 08:30
I haven't changed anything. That is my problem. If it would be a anti-virus problem, would I then be able to browse the songs on the box? I can browse the songs but when I press play I get no sound and the time ain't ticking on the box. But it looks like thesong is playing in squeezeCenter.