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2008-10-02, 23:56

I have noticed a problem with power-on-resume which is somewhat annoying. If I set power-on-resume to either "Stop at power off / Remain stopped at power on" or "Pause at power off / Remain paused at power on" the system will sometimes start to play music when I turn it back on, which is contrary to the setting.

What appears to be happening is that the "pause at power off" or "stop at power off" are toggle commands, so if music is playing when I turn off the power the commands will stop/pause as expected and the player will remain in that state on power on. All good.

However, if music is /not/ playing (i.e. the system is paused or stopped) when I turn the power off, the "stop/pause at power off" command will toggle the playing state to playing before the power is turned off. Then when power is resumed playback will be resumed. Which is not what I wanted.

The reason that I particularly care is that it causes my server to spin up the music library disk in order to start playing as I turn the system off, which is very wasteful, and can cause a delay in power off.


(This is Squeezecenter 7.0.1 on OS/X with a SB3)

2008-11-10, 22:51
I'm having problems with "Resume at power on" as well, ever since I upgraded to 7.2.1. The only reason I upgraded is because I just purchased a SB Boom.
Anyone else having problems with this?

Also, does the Boom really require using the newest version of Squeezecenter or can I roll back to 7.1?

2008-11-11, 08:29
Also, does the Boom really require using the newest version of Squeezecenter or can I roll back to 7.1?

Boom really needs 7.2 or higher.

You say you are having a problem with resume at power on, but the OP is having a problem with it staying stopped or paused at power on... maybe it would be best if you started a new thread describing the problem in more detail. I use pause at off and resume at power on for my 2 Booms and have not had any problems.

2008-11-12, 01:29
I have solved my original problem - it was caused by a misbehaving universal remote that was sending an extra command (the play/stop toggle) before the power-off command. I've fixed the remote and it works as intended now.