View Full Version : Deleting files or favorites

2008-10-02, 05:42
Can anyone advise as to how I get some "favorites" off of my squeezebox?
Also, perhaps, deleting albums or artists, too.
Appreciate any help.

2008-10-02, 06:11
You don't say what version of Squeezecenter you are running but assuming it is fairly recent:

In the web interface, navigate to favourites and click the little X next to each favourite you want to delete.

To remove songs from your library, you need to remove the files physically from the location of your music library and do a full clear and rescan in Squeezecenter so that SC builds the database without them. You can't delete files directly from within Squeezecenter.

2008-10-02, 06:27
Thank you so much. At first I couldn't find the little x. I now realize that I needed to 'edit' favs.
Thanks also for the speedy reply.