View Full Version : squeezebox - losing player config

2008-10-02, 04:00
I have a squeezebox #3 - running squeezecenter v7.2 on ubuntu 8.04 (hardy).
The box itself connects to squeezenetwork fine.
Earlier it simply went off and lost connection to the center.
Now it wont connect - and looking at the webserver on my laptop it seems to have lost its player.

first thought - what a pile of junk.

second thought - nothing has filled up so no configs have vanished...
well obviously something has changed.. ;<

So - i have a box which works fine via network but not via center.

Any ideas, solutions, suggestions would be much apprec.


2008-10-02, 04:09
Ive bounced my laptop a couple of times - and power cycled the sqzbx - now it works fine.(can connect to both).

No player found (still) however.

think my player config needs checking - got a howto ? (link).


2008-10-02, 04:26
Press and hold down the left cursor on the remote to go into player config setup.