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2008-10-01, 07:39
Hi, received the boom a couple of days ago. Sounds & design are fabulous. well worth the long wait for a boom device.

2008-10-02, 05:54
Received my BoomBox a couple of hours ago.

Upgraded SC to 7.2 on my ReadyNAS (should have done this before).

didn't need to run CleamSlimserver

Booted up like a dream, sound quality excellent, a wonderfully friendly bit of kit.
and the size is fantastic for the sound quality..

I was just about to post a stupid Q about synchronising...then found the "synch with other player" menu...meaning that my long found desire to have the same music playing throughout the house and office can now [begin to] be achieved.

Only criticism (and there has to be one doesn't there?) - the clunky plug in the UK means it doesn't quite fit into the tight socket space I have. So off to buy a short extension lead which ain't really a problem.

Good work to everyone connected with this - it has been worth the wait.

Will be buying another one (or two!)