View Full Version : Wake on LAN over internet, not working with Boom

2008-09-29, 09:53
I can not get Wake On Lan to work from my Boom to my SC server over the internet. When I try to connect to my servers IP adress, the Boom says "connecting..." and then times out after about 10-15 seconds with the "Could not connect to squeezecenter.." error(which is pretty quick IMHO, if the server should have any chance to wake up).

I know that the WOL on my SC server works over internet, because I can wake up the SC server with my laptop connected to the same network as my Boom using the "WolCmd.Exe" utility from www.depicus.com.

I have also tried first to wake up the server with wolcmd from my laptop, and then connect the Boom to the SC(and that works fine, music plays from server and all, so it connects ok over the internet), if I then let the server "fall asleep" and then turn on the Boom, I get the same behaviour, "connecting..." and the a timeout in about 10-15 secs again...

I have opend the correct ports on my router for WOL to work on the SC server(Otherwise I would not be able to wake it from outside with my laptop), and it can be woken on both port 7 & 9, tested with wolcmd from laptop.

What is wrong here ? timing from the Boom or ???


2008-09-29, 14:05
Hello behop

WOL is only supported if Boom is in the same subnet as the server running SC. Or in other words WOL over the internet is not supported.


2008-09-29, 23:49
Okay, I do not think the documentation is clear about this, and it is a pitty it does not work, since the Boom is a gadget that you would bring to your second home or to your friends or or or or or......

Any chance of this getting implemented so the versatility of the Boom can be used to it's full potential ?


2008-09-30, 08:54
Please file an enhancement request on http://bugs.slimdevices.com/

2008-10-04, 09:25
I have filed an enhancement request for wake on lan over internet on the boom : Bug 9618

But am I the only one with this problem ? is nobody else using their Boom outside their house and the great SvrPowerControl plugin on their servers ? this is a great plugin since it saves a lot of power if your server supports WOL, and here in DK where I live, the electricity is at about $0.40Kw/h, so the juice can cost more than the music :-)

Is there any other way to get the WOL from the Boom to travel over the internet, change subnet ? or...