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2008-09-29, 00:11
I am running the release build of SqueezeCenter 7.2 on Kubuntu. Everything has been fine up until now.

I had a playlist playing. When the song changed (i.e. audio changed), the display on my SB3 still showed the previoulsy playing song. I turned on my laptop and had a look at the web front end. That thought it was playing the song after the current song. At the end of the playing song everything updated correctly. Audio was correct throughout. Has anybody else experienced this? I have tried to illustrate this better below:

1. Song 1
2. Song 2
3. Song 3

When Song 1 started playing the display updated to show Song 1 info. When the crossfade to Song 2 happened the display still showed the info for Song 1. WHen the crossfade to Song 3 happened the display briefly showed the info for Song 2 before changing to Song 3.

I have not been able to recreate this since.

Thanks in advance,

Steven Moore
2008-10-04, 07:46
Since the update I've been getting this regularly. I've tried resetting the preferences for the sb and sc. I'll report back if the problem persists.

Mac 10.4.11 sb 1 sc 7.2