View Full Version : Look for new and changed music - what is it supposed to do?

2008-09-28, 11:29
I'm currently updating my collection to FLAC and when I use the "look for new and changed music" option to rescan, I find that often the MP3 albums I've removed from my collection are still around, so I end up having a FLAC version and a phantom MP3 version.

Does "look for new and changed music" not remove deleted albums? Or is this a bug?

I'm in the process of setting up my ReadyNAS to be my music server going forward, and running a full scan on a ReadyNAS on a large music collection seems like overkill especially since it takes so much longer to scan. Is there an option that removes deleted albums while adding/updating new/changed ones?

2008-09-28, 11:47
New and Changed won't remove albums from the database - it will look for new or changed tags in your music and update the database. Try a full Clear and Rescan from the music scan dropdown box.

If you still have ghost songs, check things like playlists (if there is an old reference in the playlist, SC will still import it but won't be able to play it) and iTunes/MIP integration.

2008-09-28, 11:56
That's unfortunate. It would be really nice to have an option to add/update new and changed while deleting removed files.

I'm 1:40:00 into a full scan and only 75% done with the directory scan. Sure, not a problem if I just leave it to run every night overnight, but it would be nice to have a process of updating one's music collection with something less time consuming/cpu intensive.