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2008-09-28, 05:09
Hi All

Is there a way for the player name as defined in player settings to be shown in a SoftSqueeze display?



2008-09-28, 09:42
Surely you must have set up something specific during your earlier
installs. Softsqueeze webstart uses a common prefs file, which means
the same "mac address" each time you run it. As SC uses the MAC
address as the client id, you therefore get each softsqueeze client
trying to be the same client. The display information flickers and
playback is nearly impossible (I've not tried in a setup with hardware
AND software players, but SC would always appear to lock up in a setup
with only two copies of Softsqueeze). This is nothing new to 7.2.

However, if you go into the prefs of one instance and set it to
another mac address and reset, this should allow both instances to work.

On 28-Sep-08, at 5:07 AM, meep wrote:

> Hi
> Just updated to 7.2 and latest everything (squeezebox firmware,
> softsqueeze etc.)
> With previous versions, I could run multiple copies of softsqueeze
> on a
> single PC (multi-zone system). Now, when I start the a second instance
> and hit play, my Squezebox and other softsqueeze stop playing and it
> looks like SqueezeCentre locks up (the only way to get music back is
> to
> restart the application on the server).
> Is this one of the 7.2 bugs??
> Thanks
> Peter
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2008-09-28, 15:57

I'm aware of that issue and, yes, I would have set different MAC addresses in each instance of SoftSqueez. (On my previous server I had a batch file that launched each instance with a unique MAC address, set the correct channel on teh sound card etc.)

Actually, the difference is the addition of a SqueezeBox to the set up since I tried this before so I might remove that and see if it's causing an issue.