View Full Version : Got all my songs, just no artists

2008-09-27, 18:05
I did have my iTunes library working fine.
I have now done somethings so that all the tracks are there, with albums, but 0 artists.

What might it be please?

2008-09-28, 01:37
Can you be a bit more precise please ?
You've got no artists in iTunes or in SqueezeCenter ?

2008-09-28, 01:46
If I were you, I would download mp3tag and check your tags out. It's free and one tool you really need to get to know. It can solve a lot of problems.

2008-09-28, 04:34
All is perfectly fine in iTunes, its SC that has the problem.

When I first imported the library, I did have all the artists. I then spent the day tidying the collection, change a couple of the options on the ML page of SC to try and get the music displayed the way I wanted, left another import running, all the music has come in, but no artists.

I have got a Mac equivalent to mp3tag and it appears that my songs have all the tags correctly in place.
It also seems that my play all button has stopped working too. I guess I will nuke the install and do it all again.

2008-09-28, 04:41
Just looked under status and saw this:

Merge Various Artists (1474 of 1474) Complete 00:00:19


2008-09-28, 04:59
Look at the "Music Library" panel settings.
"List albums by band" and "Treat TPE2 MP3 tag as Band" should be checked. If not, then check them, then rescan library.

2008-09-28, 05:33
Thats what I changed when trying to get the display how I wanted.
As I use iTunes do I also need to fill in the details under Basic concerning location?

My iTunes library and reference files live on my nas, so should the address for them be the local map that the server where SC is installed uses or UNC please?