View Full Version : HELP!!! Squeezecenter won't run

2008-09-27, 15:18
I'm using Windows XP Home Edition, Squeezecenter version 7.2 and remote software was up-to-date. Few days ago everything was fine and no problem. This morning for some reason, my Duet could not connect to my PC. PC only shows msg "Squeezecenter starting" for long time and I could not open a browser to access Squeezecenter from my PC also. Duet receiver was able to connect to my wireless network but it could not connect to my PC and access my file because Squeezecenter keep saying "Squeezecenter starting". Please help!!! this is kinda frustrating :((( What should I do? Thank you all in advance

2008-09-27, 15:56
Some ideas:

1. Use the tray icon to stop then re-start SC.
2. Temporarily disable any AV/Firewall software.
3. Stop SC, uninstall, then reinstall (requires full rescan of library).